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Employment Prep Classes

Our Employment Prep Classes are the Best and Guaranteed to Give you the Advantage over others that haven’t learned America at Work’s Secrets to getting in the door and hired.

How to interview in today’s job market

Separate you from other applicants by asking specific questions that will impress them.

Write resumes and cover letters that impress

Customize your resumes and cover letters to the jobs applied for. A good looking precise resume should introduce you to the prospective employer, but shouldn’t tell them everything. You want them to invite you to interview and discuss your qualifications for the open position. America at Work, Inc. can help you get that dream job.

We teach you the steps needed to obtain that job. Our goal is to keep you open to all job possibilities and the understanding of “financial relief.” America at Work offers Vocational Assessments* that can help you really see your potential and what jobs fit you as well as looking at the job market realistically.

Networking with Others We Help Our Peers and Ourselves Grow and We become Successful … our success is built on a proven model and using our strategies with a perfect formula you can benefit from others experience and supplied job leads that are more suited for you. We’ve witnessed hundreds of job placements that came from our networking groups. Networking occurs in our Job Clubs and in larger Employment Prep Classes.

Job Club

Have you ever been to a Job Club and felt like this? No life to them….

We are aware that there are so many different clubs out there that either require your participation to qualify for other services or to obtain all types of support funding. AAW has witnessed and in fact, at one time, had Job Clubs that didn’t entice.(?)

But We Learned our Lesson and now Offer UNSURPASSED JOB CLUBS in the four-county area. Sacramento, Placer, El Dorado, Yuba (Woodland area) Counties through Department of Rehabilitation and the Veterans Administration as well as fee-for-service clients. (Call for more information 916-368-1AAW (916-368-1229) **


America at Work, Inc. gives Job Clubs you want to come to. AAW offers high energy, informative topics and thought-provoking discussions to stimulate your job search.

Our goal is to get you talking, networking and thinking outside the box. We give you tools to use in different situations. Not only to obtain a job but to retain a job and do it through a support group without feeling you’ve wasted your time! Once you attend one of our Job Clubs you will exit with a wealth of knowledge you didn’t have before. The secrets to looking on job sites; how to review job announcements; how to respond to job ads; how to handle certain situations that could arise during the interview or at work. We offer job retention advice and how to over-come some of the barriers and cultures you work in. We gather input from professionals that have hired and interviewed hundreds of potential employees. We know what employers are looking for and you receive that information through attendance at our JOB CLUBS.



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