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America at Work is now doing Federal Resumes at the best prices!!

We guarantee we will beat anyone’s price in town.



Send in your current federal resume along with current announcement number from USA Jobs for the position you are seeking and we will objectively assess your resume as it pertains to that announcement. Free critiques require no obligation on your part and we will respond quickly with our expert analysis. Please call a federal resume writer at 916-368-1229 for more information.


Simply send us your current resume (private sector, military or federal) and we will evaluate, (via an online assessment) your experience, skills, accomplishments and education. We will then provide you with an assessment that fits your current level of expertise with job titles, descriptions and grades which you would qualify for. We will also provide current job listings, if available. Cost: $150 per assessment. (20% discount for veterans)


If you have identified a specific job announcement, either through our assessment or on your own, we are ready to write your resume according to specific instructions, duties, and minimum qualifications found in the job announcement. We will first send you a list of required information and documentation you will need. Then we will write a presentation version of your resume and convert it to meet announcement parameters. Turnaround time is usually 3-5 business days from time of initial telephone consultation. Please see our process info for further details. Resumes start at $450.00 for GS-03 through GS-05 positions. Please call America at Works’ Federal Resume writer at 916-368-1229 for more information on higher level positions. (Discounts apply for Veterans.). Note: special rates apply for GS-02 Federal Resumes (out of high school or very little experience.) See this link for specific information on Grade and Pay levels in the Federal Government. https://www.usajobs.gov/Help/faq/pay/series-and-grade/

SKILLS (Transferable and direct), KNOWLEDGE AND ABILITIES (SKA’s):

If your application package requires narrative statements, i.e. specific KSAs, we have the expertise to write commanding keyword statements for your federal resumes that will greatly increase your application rating. We complete this portion of your application package after we have final draft approval of the original federal resume is approved. Turnaround time is usually 3-5 business days from time of telephone consultation. Prices for are charged per question and begin at $75 for GS-03 to GS-05 positions. Please call a federal SKA writer at 916-368-1229 for more information on higher grade job categories.


There are only two conditions where you will not need a cover letter for a federal application; 1. The job announcement specifically requires no additional information to include cover letters, references, or transcripts, or; 2. You are applying electronically and there simply is no input area for a cover letter. Otherwise, it is highly advisable that you include a cover letter with your application package. Prices for cover letters start at $75.


We work with all our clients until they prosper in their federal job hunt endeavors. Because the pace for getting hired or called in for an interview for a position with the federal government can take 3 to 6 months, we encourage all our clients to apply for multiple positions. In addition, one resume does not fit all positions and, for each position applied for, your resume must be edited to specifically address that position’s duties, requirements, and keywords the costs to submit several resumes can get pricey. The prices for resume streamlining for key responsibilities, expertise and knowledge required in job announcement can vary with other organizations. NOT WITH AAW, as we do offer special discounted packages that will take care of all of this and more. Ask about these packages when you call in.

**You may also qualify for special cost consideration via grant funded support from AAW’s stakeholders.




Would you like to know more? Please contact us.

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