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America At Work’s, Inc. (AAW) Personal Employment Plan (PEP) or
The Department of Rehabilitation’s “DOR” Individual Plan for Employment (IEP)

Employment Services – Vocational Assessments

To begin, if you are a Department of Rehabilitation consumer approved for Employment Services an individual Service Plan (ISP) is developed a thorough intake is performed after your first appointment with AAW. AAW can then help you determine ideal careers that fit your specific job category the DOR has recommended for you in the IEP they’ve developed for you. If your DOR counselor choses to have a more thorough assessment performed prior to putting you in a job category, than a Vocational Assessment can be requested. For clients that come in either on their own or are authorized through the DOR for a Vocational Assessment, their skills, personal behavior traits, likes and dislikes as well as educational levels are assessed and then matched to ideal careers. If additional education or certifications are needed to begin on a career path, that too can be determined through a VA. An analysis on current trends in employment hiring in various locations as it pertains to the jobs that are identified as part of your specific VA are also researched. This will show you exactly who is hiring for the jobs you are qualified for, how much they are paying all the way down to the type of commute you may have to and from the workplace. A Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation (CVE) can also be included as part of the process, which would also include an assessment on your physical, ergonomic and tolerance assessments.

Under the Individual Service Plan (ISP) or the PEP services included are:

• Career mapping which could include suggestions for continued education/certificates etc. (PEP)
• Cutting edge Employment Preparation Class (Both ISP and PEP) Modules included in Prep Classes are; resume preparation, what employers are looking for in potential hires, how to put energy into an interview, statistics and up to date guidance from the employers’ perspective and how to retain a job. (Retention modules are provided after hire as well.) (Both ISP and PEP)
• Mock Interviews
• On the job training
• Job shadowing
• Incentives to hire individuals that come through the Department of Rehabilitation including the disabled and veterans utilizing our services.

AAW then creates and customizes your PEP.
The PEP may include:

• Career Mapping
• Personal, Vocational and Social Counseling
• Training and Certifications
• Job Readiness
• Job Placement Assistance
• Continued Job Support and Coaching

AAW has connections to community resources for assistance with:

• Transitional Housing
• Individual and Family Counseling
• Financial and Legal Counseling
• Continuing Education and Certifications

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