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Grassroots Sponsorships

Your individual sponsorship supports building AAW from the ground up. Our goal is to raise enough money to construct a building that will be the core of providing services to AAW clients, employers and funders. This building is virtual until enough funds are collected to commence construction. All of the honors and dedications will be a part of the actual building when completed. As AAW grows, so will our locations and our ability to help more people. Your sponsorships help many people, the economy, job growth and the community. That is why this is Grass Roots; it is going to take each one of us making a difference. That difference can happen one brick or board or door at a time!


Level   You Receive   Representing

Grass Roots

  For Each $100 you get a brick for the Building to lay the Foundation for the building a new life, a future workforce. Up to $1,000 (10 bricks).   Sponsor a virtual brick to build the foundation for the building of AAW’s workforce. Your name is carved in each brick or dedicates a brick to someone.
  $1000 for each board. To help build the supporting walls for the building of AAW’s Workforce. Up to 5 boards.    To build the building on the foundation one board at a time. Your name goes on the board and who it is dedicated too.
  $5,000 for each section of roof for the building of AAW’s Workforce. Up to 5 sections.   Roof is so important to protect the workforces AAW is building and covers the building. Each section is dedicated to you and your family loved ones or those you would like to honor that have protected you in your lifetime.
  $10,000 sponsors a door. An entry into the building that will always be a way into changing someone’s life forever or to transition from one room to the other as one transitions from life’s barriers into enrichment of gainful work   Changing a life begins at an entry point and knowing where to start. The doors are an entry into the beginning of a new life and the process of building new careers. The Door is dedicated to you and your family, loved ones or someone of your choosing.

Contact us to learn more about becoming an AAW sponsor.

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