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photo susan main Susan Main
Executive Director
America At Work, Inc.

Susan has made and continues to make significant contributions in the formation and development of America at Work. Her experience spans over three decades in the business community; retail and wholesale, marketing and sales, and business management in both the medical and the staffing industry. Her expertise covers a wide spectrum as she connects with the educational community such as the State University system; with a particular emphasis on continuing education curriculums.  She communicates with and acts as a liaison between leaders in government and education, as well as business and community decision makers. She has expertise with the nations’ transitioning and displaced workforce such as those re-entering employment from retirement, those with functional limitations that are aspiring to enter into the labor force and those that are changing careers, such as veterans entering into the private sector business community, emancipated youth, rehabilitated workers, baby boomers entering in to Quintessential Careers and ex-offenders seeking to become gainfully employed. 
Susan has authored succession, organizational and workforce development plans; she is accomplished in the research of current and future workforce employment trends and specializes in employment recruitment, interviewing and job placement. She has managed staff and operations for employment agencies and shepherded training and transitional skill development curriculums. She also oversaw the growth of a phenomenal medical group serving the Medi-Cal population in Sacramento County, helping to bring quality control, continuity of care, utilization standards and measurable improvements to the medical group. She also won the “Governor’s 2004 Senior Workforce Advocacy Small Business Award” and was presented the “Small Business of the Year Award” in 2003.

photo Mary Lyn Kagan Mary Lyn Kagan
Kagan and Associates

Mary Lyn Kagan has had significant input in getting America at Work’s (AAW) 501c3 nonprofit status and in the submittal of critical paperwork. She has 25 years business development and administrative experience, with 10 years project administration in construction and engineering. She has experience with Fortune 500 companies, such as Blue Cross of California and Safeway, and small business establishments. Mary Lyn is an advocate for project management (PM) techniques and provides project management support and training, team building, communication, leadership and computer training. She is strong advocate for project management techniques, as well as collaboration and partnerships between non-profits, educators, local agencies, and business to leverage the numerous resources in our community. Additionally, Mary Lyn writes grants and consults with education/youth focused non-profits regarding “project-based learning” programs, workforce development programs, and strategies for building strong partnerships. She is positioned to oversee the grant process for America at Work along with facilitating meetings and other projects that need her expertise.

photo dorothy devereux Dorothy Devereux
Vocational Resource Services, Inc.

Dorothy is a certified Vocational Evaluator and Ergonomic Specialist. She has also been a primary contributor to the opening of America at Work and is a major resource to the organization. She performs vocational evaluations and work assessments as well as ergonomic on-site evaluations. Having consulted with human resource personnel and employers to determine best course of action for employees she has established a reputation as being the best in her industry. She has established a full low vision blind clinic with CCTV’s and screen readers. She has expertise in identification of risk factors that would create hardships in the workplace and her full understanding of body mechanics, hardware, software and equipment qualifies her as an expert witness for legal matters. She has expertise in Dragon, a voice activated computer program and has published 18 books for voice activation for software application. She is accredited with the establishment of Assitivetechcenter.com. Dorothy has several years in training, installation and consultation for the blind, visually impaired, orthopedically impaired and learning disabled. She served as expert consultant for the State Legislature SM1399 State Senator Vasconcellos in 2004 and was a guest speaker for Sacramento Cable for three TV programs on Ergonomics for children, hand injuries and assistive devices and voice input. She is an expert in ADA consultations and is the director of training for accredited courses approved by post secondary council of education. Dorothy has a Master of Science in Rehabilitation and a double major of counseling and vocational evaluation from the University of Arizona.





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